Consent Management – collecting and tracking consents from Clients and Vendors

What is Consent Management?

An administrator can define a list of consent statements that can be accepted by Clients, Vendors or their Contact Persons. Each statement can be set as required or optional.

The statements along with their acceptance status will be displayed in Client, Vendor and Contact Person profiles. User can change the status manually or ask Clients/Vendors to accept or reject the statements through a Consent Form or Client/Vendor Portal.

Clients/Vendors visiting Client/Vendor Portal for the first time will be required to review all the consent statements and accept or reject them. Existing vendors will be asked to accept any new statements when signing in to the portal.

All Client/Vendor Portal users can preview the statements and give or withdraw their consent through their Account Settings. Only the Client/Vendor Portal users with Administrator role can modify the status of consent statements referring to the whole Client/Vendor profile.

Consent statements can be managed (configured, accepted and rejected) at the following levels:

  • Client Profile
  • Client Contact Person
  • Vendor Profile
  • Vendor Contact Person

Consent Management can be useful for collecting consent for the processing of personal data, which is required by GDPR. Read more about how XTRF supports GDPR.

How to use it?

The feature is still in development. You can find mockups this post at User Echo. Feel free to comment on the design.

When the feature is released, a detailed instruction will be available here.

Questions and Answers

Will it be possible to use it in Smart Project?

Consent management refers to Client, Vendor and Contact Person profiles. We haven't considered applying the mechanism to Smart Projects. If you think it would be useful, could you please describe the use cases and what would you expect from XTRF in such situations?

Can it be used with both client contacts and vendors?


Will it be possible to use it on individual level and/or company level?


Can it be used without having to give the clients / the vendors an account? We do not use the account functionality so we want to know it this functionality will be possible to use without inviting them to the portal.

Yes. Clients/Vendors/Persons will be able to manage consents either via Vendor/Client Portal or using an independent Consent Form on a single, independent page. Not having an account shouldn't be a problem.

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