Custom Fields

The standard fields available in different areas of the Home Portal serve to improve your project and data management. However, sometimes you might need additional fields to store some non-standard information. The Custom Field functionality allows you to add various types of fully customizable fields in several areas of the Home Portal.

The following types of custom fields can be added in various areas of the Home Portal:

  • Checkbox,
  • Date,
  • Date and Time,
  • Multiple Selection,
  • Number,
  • Selection,
  • Text.

The Custom Fields can be added in the following areas of the Home Portal:

  • Contact Person – the field shows up in both Client and Vendor modules in the Main Data tab.
  • Client
    • Main Data tab > Identification Data sub-tab
    • Main Data tab > Sales Data sub-tab
  • Client + Quote
  • Client + Quote + Project
  • Vendor – Main Data > Identification Data tab
  • User – General Info tab
  • Project
  • Quote
  • Quote + Project
  • Language (AKA Task in the Classic Projects)
  • Job

You can add a maximum of 10 custom fields of each type in every scope.

All custom fields are editable via the API but may be made invisible on the user interface.

Depending on the scope, some custom fields may be additionally shared and displayed in the Client Portal and on the Quote Request Form

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