How to get Smart Views delivered to my e-mail?

A weekly subscription can be delivered to your and your colleagues mailboxes for many XTRF views.

  • Client Invoices
  • Clients
  • CRM
  • Feedback
  • Jobs
  • Opportunities
  • Periodic Jobs
  • Projects
  • Quotes
  • Tasks
  • Vendor Invoices
  • Vendors

How to add an email view subscription

  1. Have a view that narrows the shown results to something meaningful to you, e.g. time limited like feedback from last year in the example below:
  2. Go to  Configuration > Integration > Periodic Jobs > Add.
  3. Set the 'Type' as 'Filter Subscription', 'Data to be sent' as 'Feedback' and add the View you created.

  4. More settings typical to Periodic Jobs:
    • Subscribers - pick Home Portal users who should receive the subscription
    • Don't send/save when report is empty - should emails be sent when there was no feedback item in the view?
    • Save periodic job's CSV to - lets you keep a copy of the CSV file on the XTRF server's disk
    • File name expression - if you opted for saving a file, you will see here how its name will be structured
    • XTRF Macro Executed as a Post-action - a script might be run after every such action, but you should probably just skip that
    • Execution Configuration - define how often and when the subscribed view should be sent by server; if you expect large files with lots of content avoid office hours as it may impact server's performance
    • Periodic Job Statistics - history is logged in this section
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