Vendor Portal: Holidays module

In the Holidays module (depending on the XTRF version also called Vacation), vendors can declare dates, on which they are unavailable for your projects. 

Vendor holiday

Adding a new holiday / break is available on top of the module. Start Date, End Date and a short description are the only required fields. 

Vendor holiday 02

When added, the item will display below, on the list of all holidays. 

Vendor holiday 03

Vendors can sort and delete their holidays, but they cannot edit the items. 

When entered in the Vendor Portal, the item is immediately visible in the Home Portal, in the Holidays (or Vacation) tab of the vendor's profile.

Vendor holiday 04

It is also reflected as a holiday in the Availability column, which can be displayed in the Vendors module. Hover over any of the blue-marked days to learn the reason for unavailability. 

Vendor holiday 05

When in the timeline view, the holidays will be marked with an airplane icon.

Vendor holiday 07

Vendor holiday 08

Learn more on the topic in the XTRF Academy's Guide to Vendor Recruitment and managing own profile in Vendor Portal..

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