Sharing Vendor notes with the following Vendors

XTRF makes it possible for the Vendors participating in a Project to leave notes for the following Jobs. This is useful, for example, in situations when the translator wants the proofreader to double-check a problematic issue, etc.

To enable the function, go to Configuration > Portals > Vendor Portal > Privacy Settings and select the Yes checkbox for the option Vendors allowed to add notes to other vendor(s):

Vendor Privacy Settings

The Vendor assigned to a Job in the Project will see the Notes for Other Vendors field once they log in to the Vendor Portal and open the Job under consideration:

Notes to vendor 02

The notes left by the Vendor will be visible:

  1. In the Home Portal, in the right sidebar containing the Job details:
  2. In the Vendor Portal of the Vendor assigned to the following Job:
  3. Vendors assigned to any subsequent steps in the process will see all notes provided by all Vendors in the preceding Jobs.

Jobs Documents Vendor Portal

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