How can a Quote be created?

A Quote can be created by either you, or a client of yours

  • in the Home Portal
  • in the Client Portal
  • through the Quote Request Form
  • through a Smart Connector
  • using XTRF API

You can easily learn which of those method was used to create any of the Quotes. Add the column Origin in a Quote or Project view.

Creating a Quote in the Home Portal

You can create a new Quote using either the 'add' button on top of the screen or within the Quotes module. Adding a quote does not notify the client about it until you send it so that they can accept or reject it. 

You can also duplicate an existing Quote, or duplicate a project as a Quote. The buttons appear in the respective modules after you tick an item on the list. 

A new Quote created in the Home Portal has status Pending.

Creating Quotes in the Home Portal is covered in the XTRF Academy's basic Guide to Quoting.

Creating a Quote in the Client Portal

Any of your clients can request a Quote after logging in to the Client Portal. There is an entire XTRF Academy lesson that covers the topic

A Quote created by your client has status Requested and triggers a Notification to the client themselves, as well as their Project Manager and Sales Person at your end. 

Depending on the Automations and the client's profile settings in place, the Quote will have to be prepared and sent back to the client. 

Until version 7 XTRF used to create a quote even if the client used the button Launch a Project, but the two options have now been fully separated. 

Creating Quotes with this method is also covered in XTRF Academy's Introduction to Client Portal 

Creating a Quote through the Quote Request Form

You can make use of the XTRF-original Quote Request Form. Quotes created with it have the same features, as those from the Client Portal. Their Origin, however, is properly indidated. 

Creating a Quote through a Smart Connector

Smart Connectors are a perfect solution for those repetivite, often small and frequent requests from established clients. There are many diferent scenarios possible discussed during an XTRF webinar on the topic. In short, Smart Connectors automate creating Quotes by scanning a location (folder, email inbox) in search for new files or instructions. There is a special Notification for the people responsible at your end for this occasion. A Quote created by a Smart Connector - Directory type has status Requested; an email-originated one is in status Pending. As such, they both require your attention.

Creating a Quote using XTRF API

You can also make use of advanced programming and utilize XTRF API to automate creating Quotes. You can learn about XTRF API capabilities in the dedicated documentation. Add /api/doc/ at the end of your main XTRF web address or follow instructions in XTRF Knowledgebase

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