How can I limit access to client data?

When you have NDA's signed with certain clients, you may find yourself in a situation where access to their data should be restricted within your organization.

XTRF offers an optional functionality that allows the below specified roles within each client account to open those profiles, quotes, projects and invoices, namely:

  • Sales Person
  • Account Manager (hidden by default)
  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator (hidden by default)
  • Additional Person(s) Responsible

When this option is purchased and on, go to Configuration and expand User Management or start typing "Access to Client Data" in the context search in top-left corner of the page.

Select the clients who require authorized access on this page.

Check "Disable Adding Internal Resources", if the NDA's require that uploading files on Resources dialogs needs to be prevented as well.

"Admin" account is privileged to see all the clients no matter what the restriction.

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