What happens after sending a Job Offer

Job Offers are automated e-mail notifications that are sent to a defined group of vendors prompting them to indicate their availability for an upcoming project.

Job Offers can be sent in a semi-automated way with the Project Manager manually selecting a group of vendors who will receive the offer:

The other option is to send the Job Offers automatically based on a predefined vendor filtering rule:

Once the Vendor Selection option is chosen, click on the Send Job Offers button. The status of the job will change to Offers Sent, and the vendors chosen as the Job Offer recipients will be sent an e-mail notification with a link to the Job Manager:

Upon clicking the link contained in the e-mail body, the vendor will be redirected to the Job Manager. Here, they will be able to preview the job details (such as deadline and word count), and decide whether they are capable of doing the job by clicking on the Accept or Reject buttons:

If the vendor clicks on the Reject button, they will not be considered for the project.

If the vendor clicks on the Accept button, they will be automatically assigned to a job and the job status will change to Accepted in XTRF.

Note that the “first one wins” rule is always applied in case of Job Offers. It means that the system will automatically assign a job to the vendor who first clicked on the Accept button.

Also, note that the system will wait for the vendors to accept or reject the job for a specified period of time (set in the Offer expires in field in case of the manual vendor selection or in the vendor filtering rule in case of automated vendors selection).

If no vendor from the group of recipients accepts the Job Offer within the specified time period, the Project Manager will receive a notification. The PM can then resend the Job Offers or assign a vendor manually to the job.

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