Google Maps integration

With this integration you can see the distance between selected interpreter's address and the venue location. It uses Google Maps API for calculating how much a drive would take. XTRF Smart View for Jobs is extended with a dedicated Custom Column which provides the time and the distance information, plus a link that opens the Maps app in a new browser tab.

Custom Columns and Custom Fields are required for this solution to work.

The solution works in both, Smart Projects/Quotes, and in Classic ones.

Here is a quick use scenario:

  1. System super-user or administrator creates/expands and shares a Jobs view that shows interpreting jobs with the "Distance to Job Location" Custom Column.

  2. Project Manager provides venue address in a specially designated "Job location" custom field.

  3. The PM then opens that view and sees jobs with accompanying information in "Distance to Job Location" column:

    • Distance in km
      Duration in hours and minutes
      Details - link to the Maps application

    • Or self-explanatory messages like:

      • Vendor missing for the job

      • Job location missing in project

All messages in the Custom Column can be customized per request to include miles or different wording of the missing information.

Note: showing flights is not possible through this solution.

Selected Availability Experimental Feature

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