With this integration you can post jobs to A button is added in XTRF to enable that. XTRF Smart View for Jobs is extended with a dedicated Custom Column which provides a link for each job. It leads to either posting a job on ProZ, or opening an existing (already posted) job offer on ProZ.

See a 1-minute video showing how this integration works.

The integration is distributed as a custom application that should be installed on your server. A .war file is installed in your XTRF's home directory. Custom Columns and Custom Fields with enabled Groovy support are also required.

The solution works in both, Smart Projects and Quotes, and in Classic ones.

Here is a quick use scenario:

  1. System super-user or administrator creates and shares a Jobs view dedicated to showing the "ProZ integration" Custom Column.

  2. A PM opens that view and sees jobs with accompanying information in "ProZ integration" column:

    • if a job was previously posted to ProZ, then they can follow the link to the translation portal,

    • if a job was not posted, there is a button "Post job to",

      • after clicking that button, a new window pops up showing the job details to be posted to,

      • the job may be submitted or canceled,

      • after it is submitted, XTRF stores the ProZ URL in the job - see point 1.

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