History is available in both Classic and Smart Projects. It help you keep track of what has happened with the Project while you were away.

Go to  Configuration > General Configuration > Settings > History.


There are three areas for which the history is captured: Clients, Vendors, Projects or Quotes. Select the ones which are critical to your operations and that need to be monitored. Bear in mind that the gathering of such background data may slow down the system a little bit. Also, the history is stored for a maximum of one year, but you may decide for monthly cleanups.

History in XTRF 01

All history entries can be removed by just a mouse click on Purge History button, so be careful who has access to this area of the system.

All history entries

Go to  Configuration > System Information > History to view every stored entry. This page is accessible to users who have been granted administrative rights.

History in XTRF 02

This history view lets you filter results by 5 criteria:

  • Responsible - User behind an action (includes an automatically performed actions)
  • Date
  • Action - 3 types are captured: added, changed, deleted
  • Scope - it is the 4 areas seen in configuration: clients, vendors, quotes, projects
  • Name - enter name or ID to find a particular record

Smart Project history

Scroll all the way down to History tab and click on Show History button. Every Smart projects will display at least 10 most recent entries. All entries and filters are shown after purchase of the full functionality.

History in XTRF 03

The 'History' card shows you what critical changes have been made to the project from its very creation. An intuitive filter lets you quickly find when exactly PO's were sent or Job status changed.

Classic Project history

The 4 areas where history are shown on a History tab enclose: Clients, Vendors, Quotes and Projects. Here is a sample screen shot from a Classic Project:

History in XTRF 04

This history view lets you filter results by 3 criteria:

  • Responsible
  • Date
  • Action
Selected Availability History

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