How can a quote be accepted/rejected?

Accepting and rejecting Quotes can be conducted right in the notification email or in the Client Portal.

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When a quote is sent to the Client, the person responsible receives a confirmation prompt.

The Client's Contact Person receives an email with a Quote summary and a Decide on Quote link. 

Accept-Reject Quote in XTRF 01

The link leads to a page where the Client's Contact Person can click to either Accept quote or Reject quote.

Accept-Reject Quote in XTRF 02

The Quote is also viewble in the Client Portal for those with proper access rights. It appears on the Quotes list with the Waiting for Approval status. It can be also recognized by its ID.

Accept or Reject a Quote in XTRF 03

After clicking on the Quote title, the buttons responsible for acceptance or rejection appear under the PDF Quote Confirmation and the proposed amount of money.

Accept or Reject a Quote in XTRF 04

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