How to send Project Confirmation to a client?

Project Confirmation is a document some of your clients may require to be sent when you start a project for them. It specifies the services you provide in that project.

The PDF can be sent from the right-hand section of a project page - see picture below.

The highlighted button has three states:

  • Edit & Send (default) - opens a popup window that lets you edit the message, the attachments and the recipient list before sending it to the client
  • Send - message is sent as defined in the email template
  • Preview - lets you see and download Project Confirmation's PDF

If the button is grayed out, it indicates the project receivables are missing.

After adding receivables in the Finance card, the Project Confirmation menu will activate.

Smart Projects send Project Confirmation PDF's based on the default document template, or the one selected in the client's profile as shown below.

You may also be interested in using Automatic Receivables. This automation makes sure CAT Receivables are added when only CAT analysis is uploaded to the project.

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