Managing Step Types

Steps are the building blocks the Process consists of . Each one is linked with one Job Type and contain at least one Job in the proper type.


Process Steps are the entities used in Smart Projects only, and can be customised to depict Company's processes in XTRF. To see the whole list, create new or edit existing ones go to  Configuration > Projects and Quotes > Process Steps (Smart)

Process Steps in XTRF 01

Step Types

Steps go in four types. The most common is Manual File Delivery. These steps simply give Vendors a list of files shared with the Job and ask to upload result files manually.

Other Step Type is Manual File Verification. Here, when viewing a list of files shared with the Job, you're asked to verify each of the uploaded files by setting its verification status to 'Verified' or 'Needs Correction'. Vendors can upload additional files as well.

The third one is an automatic Step defined by a user-provided Script. The Script can react to specific events that occur in the Project and perform operations on the Job or communicate with remote services. Each Script is written in a customized way.

Last, but not least is a CAT Tool Step. So far it refers to memoQ, as this is the only integration avalable in Smart Projects. These steps are pre-defined and built in each memoQ-integrated XTRF Platform.

Editing & Adding Steps 

Smart Steps cannot be deleted, although they can be changed a bit. After clicking the  Edit Icon, the name and the linked job type can be added, and the Step can be activated or deactivated.

Process Design Smart Projects Templates

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