What can I expect from enabling the Branch functionality?

XTRF Home Portal offers Branches for clients that have their offices in multiple geographical locations. After this functionality is enabled in your XTRF instance, each one of your offices can be added as a new Branch in the system.


Headquarters is the default first branch created with the address data populated from your license.

It cannot be deactivated or edited by local administrator.

Any updates must be requested with the XTRF Service Desk.


Every Branch can be characterized by information like Name, Address or Currency - all of which is found on the General tab. There can also be a branch-specific E-mailLogo and Payment Methods.

Branch Affiliation

Branch is a descriptor of the following three areas of the system:

  • User
  • Customer
  • Vendor

A Common Use Case

If vendors are shared between all your branches, the vendor affiliation may be ignored.

Every customer is taken care of by a particular branch of yours.

PM's should be carefully assigned to branches as well.

Purchase Orders use PM's branch data. Invoices use client's branch data.

If in one month, a vendor delivers work to two of your branches, at the end of that month s/he should bill both of the branches. That means one of the following three has to happen:

  1. The vendor pays attention and sends you separate invoices via the Vendor Portal.

    • In this case, you are lucky to have such wonderful co-workers.
  2. The vendor hardly ever pays attention, so it is you who makes sure jobs are correctly billed for.
    • XTRF configuration allows for creating Vendor Account Statements (also called Invoice Specifications), where all PO's are gathered per month per branch. It may be done manually thanks to view customization, or automatically by means of periodic jobs that use the customized views.

Customers, on the other hand, always receive invoices based on their affiliation with one of your branches.

Selected Availability Branches

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