File categories

In order to help file flow throughout the translation process, every file uploaded to a Smart Project needs to be assigned one of the following categories:

  • Source Document - A file to be translated. It can be delivered by client or obtained from File Preparation step (if a document from client requires preparation before it can be translated).
  • Source to Be Prepared - A document that requires preparation (usually performed in a File Preparation step) before it can be translated, e.g. PDF or image files that contain text to be extracted.
  • CAT Package - A package file created by a CAT Tool software, e.g. sdlppx (Trados) or mqout (memoQ).
  • CAT Package (Return) - A return package file created by a CAT Tool software, e.g. sdlrpx (Trados) or mqback (memoQ).
  • Translated Document - Document in target language, in the original format (i.e. same as the corresponding source document). Can be created manually or exported from CAT Tool as a clean document. Usually, Translated Document is verified by an editor or proofreader who can suggest corrections and make notes about the content.
  • Reference File - Additional file delivered by a client or vendor that may help PM or other vendors perform their jobs.
  • Terminology - Also referred to as termbase, term base or terminology base. A database consisting of terminological entries, usually in multilingual format, where each term has its corresponding term in another language.
  • Translation Memory - A database that stores "segments," which can be sentences, paragraphs or sentence-like units that have previously been translated, in order to aid translators. The translation memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs called “translation units”. Translation memories are usually in bilingual format.
  • CAT Analysis - The result of statistical analysis performed by CAT Tool software on source documents or bilingual documents against selected translation memories. The analysis contains information about segment coverage of the specified document by the translation memories, including repetitions and fuzzy matches.
  • Bilingual Document - A document that contains content in both source and target language.
  • Formatted Document - A document prepared by a layout formatter that contains translated content.
  • Segmentation Rules - A configuration file used by a CAT Tool software that defines how the source document should be splitted into segments.
  • Filtering Rules - A configuration file used by a CAT Tool software that defines how and which segments should be translated.
  • QA Report - A result of a Quality Assurance analysis performed by a CAT Tool software on the translated document.
  • memoQ Light Resource - A configuration file used by a CAT Tool software.
  • Other

File categories cannot be modified.

See also: Files auto-categorization & languages auto-detection

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