Automatic People Assignments

Automatic People Assignment is used to pre-define who will take care of newly added Quotes and Projects.

The feature allows to assign Project Managers to particular Projects based on the sold service. When your staff takes care of Projects by a certain Client, then the default setting is just enough for you and nothing needs to be changed.

Global Configuration

Automatic People Assignments is an Automation defined per Service.

Automatic People Assignments 01

To configure Automatic People Assignments:

  1. Go to the  Configuration menu.
  2. Go to Projects and Quotes > Automations (Smart) (alternatively, start typing "Automations" in the menu's Search field).
  3. Scroll down to Automatic People Assignments card.
  4. (optional) Click on the Add Service button in the upper-right corner of the card if you wish to configure a different behavior of the automation depending on the Service offered. The 'Add Service' window appears.
  5. Select at least one Service. Click on the Add Service button to save your selection.
  6. From the list on the left side of the card, click on a Service for which you want to configure the automation.*
  7. Select the Project Manager from the list:
    1. Logged-In User is the default for situations when the PM should be the creator of a Smart Quote or Smart Project.
    2. Assign PM from Client profile is the best option when the correct people are already defined in the 'Sales Data' tab of a Client profile.
    3. Selecting a specific person from the list of users activated in your system is also possible.

*All created cases are listed on the left side of the 'Automatic People Assignments' card. Services not added to any Case are grouped under default 'All other services' case. A Service can be selected only once, but one Case can group many Services.
To delete a Case, simply click on the  Trash icon on the right. As a result, the Services from the deleted case will be moved to "All other services" at the bottom. "All other services" cannot be deleted.


This Automation is always 'on' as there always is a need to assign a PM to a newly added Project.

Project-specific Configuration

This automation only makes sense when configured before the Quote or Project are created. That is why there is no automation icon on the 'People' card.

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