Vendor Anonymization in XTRF Chat

To protect Vendors’ privacy and Clients’ sensitive information, we introduced the option of Vendor Anonymization to the Chat Rooms.

What is Vendor Anonymization?

When Anonymization is enabled, Vendor names are replaced with a random plant name (e.g. ‘Loosestrife’, ‘Elephant Ears’, etc.). 

A Vendor always has the same plant name assigned to them in all Chat Rooms within a Workspace. 

Plant names are assigned to Vendors automatically.

How Vendor Anonymization works

When a Vendor writes a message in the ‘All project members’ Chat Room, other Vendors see a randomly assigned plant name instead of a real name, for example ‘Elephant Ears’.

XTRF Chat vendor anonymization 02

Vendor view

Managers, however, see the real names followed by the plant names in brackets, for example ‘Sadami Miyamoto (Elephant Ears)’. This way they know the plant name of each Vendor.

Vendors who send messages can also see both their own name and their plant name in brackets, but they don’t see the names of other Vendors in the Chat Room.

Manager names are never hidden.

XTRF Chat vendor anonymization 01

Manager view

If a Workspace member is deleted from the Workspace or leaves by their own request, their name is changed to 'Deleted' with a random string of numbers, even if Vendor Anonymization was turned off.

XTRF Chat vendor anonymization 04

Deleted user in Manager view

How to turn Vendor Anonymization on or off

Vendor Anonymization is turned on by default in all Workspaces. To turn it off, please contact your XTRF representative.

Vendor Anonymization can be turned on or off only for the entire Workspace, and not for individual Chat Rooms.

Avatars and Vendor anonymization

In the ‘All Project Members’ Chat Rooms, Vendors can see their own avatar, but only the initials of the plant names of other Vendors.

Managers can see every Users’ avatar in every Chat Room, and all Vendors can see Managers’ avatar.

Deleted users’ avatars change into question marks.

XTRF Chat vendor anonymization 05

Avatar anonymization in Vendor view


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