XTRF Chat settings

Configure your User Account and Workspace settings.

XTRF Chat Workspace settings

E-mail notifications

See the details in ‘Notifications about unread messages in XTRF Chat’.

Leaving a Workspace

See the details in ‘Leaving a Workspace in XTRF Chat’.


Confirm every change by selecting Save Changes.

Account settings

Deleting the XTRF Chat User Account

See the details in ‘How to delete your XTRF Chat User Account’.

Avatar and display name

See the details in ‘Avatars and display names in XTRF Chat’.

Newsletter sign-up / unsubscribe

You can check or uncheck the ‘XTRF newsletters’ box to sign up to the XTRF newsletter, or opt out, respectively.

Terms and conditions

To use XTRF Chat you need to agree to XTRF Chat Terms and Conditions. You can select the link in ‘Account settings’ to read the document at any time.

Signing out of XTRF Chat

You can choose to stay signed in to XTRF Chat on any platform, so that every time you open XTRF Chat, you’re immediately able to use it.

Or, if you prefer, select Sign out. After you do, you’ll need to sign in again next time you want to use XTRF Chat.


Confirm every change by selecting Save Changes.


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