What is XTRF Chat?

XTRF Chat is a dedicated chat space tailored to the translation and localization industry. A tool that can replace email with dedicated, real-time, personal, and group communication.

XTRF Chat keeps the features you’re used to in emails, like file attachments, audience selection, review history and context, while adding all the advantages of a live conversation. Once you open a new project / task and add people to it, XTRF Chat automatically creates Chat Rooms for real-time contact with your team.

XTRF Chat architecture

XTRF Chat is a cloud-based application that manages Chat Rooms and chat User Accounts shared among all XTRF platforms. Each XTRF platform connects to the chat application via an API.

XTRF Chat comes as:

  • An app embedded within XTRF Home Portal and Vendor Portal
  • A standalone web application
  • A standalone mobile app

What is XTRF Chat 01

XTRF Chat in the Home Portal

XTRF Chat cuts redundancies

We all know how email chains can devolve during the course of a project. Confusing threads, buried attachments, and subjects that get mixed up across messages. Add in multiple translators, project managers, and customer requests, and communication can really slow things down.

XTRF Chat cuts these challenges. Forwarding, redundant duplicate messages and CC’ing are all but eliminated. This avoids confusion, errors, and saves everyone time, which is essential when tackling multiple projects in multiple languages.

XTRF Chat is translation and localization industry friendly

XTRF Chat is built with language teams in mind, regardless of your role – project manager, translator, corrector, DTP expert, or other. Chats can be shared among translators, reviewers, and project managers working on the same project. Access is controlled and records of all relevant communication are kept.

What is XTRF Chat 02

Standalone XTRF Chat web app

XTRF Chat is perfect for remote work

XTRF Chat helps remote teams communicate quickly with fast, natural, and conversational responses, stopping people from feeling disconnected or ‘out of the loop’. XTRF Chat monitors the makeup of the project team and automatically updates the list of people participating in the discussion about the project.

We’re excited about XTRF Chat, for good reason. We believe it will change the way translation and localization teams work. It creates efficiencies, promotes team cohesion, and speeds up problem-solving on a daily basis. Once you get used to working this way, there’s no going back to the old way of communicating.

This topic contained excerpts from the XTRF Chat blog post by Dominik Radziszowski.


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