Why do I receive emails about exceeding storage quota?

XTRF onCloud quota notifications might have been automatically sent to your mailbox if your instance storage is full or nearly full. They look like this:

Dear customer,
Please kindly note that you are still exceeding 90% of your storage quota.
This means that you are reaching your storage limit. Make sure that you control your project files volume.
In case you hit the limit, you can either delete some of your project files or request more disk space with your Account Manager.
You may follow your storage detail at https://jira.dev.xtrf.eu/sdmanager/

Your current storage usage is 964.6 of 1000.0 GB

Depending on your plan, the total available storage for your current and archived project files is:

  • 100 GB for starter / small teams,
  • 300 GB for professional / growing teams, and
  • 1,000 GB for premium / big teams.

If you keep your files under your plan's allowed total, no notifications are sent. Nearing or exceeding that mark triggers notifications as a warning or reminder to take action and remove the oldest or the biggest files from the cloud. See

https://xtrf.userecho.com/knowledge-bases/6/articles/1822-how-do-i-monitor-the-file-volume-on-my-cloud-instance for details.

Limiting storage on our cloud is a preventive measure. In case of major server failure, where we restore your instance, the amount of data on disk does play a role: the more files there are and the bigger they are, the longer it takes for a server to be completely up and operational. Therefore, we encourage our clients on cloud to keep older files backed up locally by (archiving and) downloading them via SFTP.

Of course, additional disk space can be purchased against a monthly fee.

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