What is XTRF Academy

XTRF Academy is available at https://academy.xtrf.eu/. It is hosted by Talent LMS and was launched around the time of XTRF Summit 2019: https://www.xtrf.eu/press-release-xtrf-academy/.

XTRF Academy was started in 2017 as an innovative program to help everyone self-teach how to use our TMS. That first version is available on the pages of this UserEcho platform for a limited time only.

Your team members can go through the following courses:

  1. Quoting with Classic Projects
  2. Project Management with Classic Projects
  3. Advanced Project Management with Classic Projects
  4. Integrating Trados
  5. Integrating memoQ
  6. Integrating Memsource
  7. Workflow Definitions
  8. Quoting with Smart Projects
  9. Project Management with Smart Projects
  10. Advanced Project Management with Smart Projects
  11. Service Quality Assurance
  12. CRM activities and Emails
  13. Client Management
  14. Vendor Management
  15. Vendor Billing
  16. Invoicing
  17. System preparation - XTRF basics for Super Users
  18. Preparing for Data Imports


This tool is first and foremost designed with the deployment process in mind. It is an essential part of every implementation package. You can also use it to:

  • onboard new employees,
  • treat it as a reference that is always there for when you introduce changes to your process,
  • empower the Knowledge Manager giving them a great tool to coordinate learning progress in your organization.


  • Access is granted based on the purchased implementation package.
  • Anyone can sign up and pay by card for their access.
  • Companies may also purchase an organization-wide access as part of their system subscription plan that is invoiced quarterly.


A subdomain can be added to create a dedicated space with your organization's logo and address. It is managed by a coordinator on your end who assigns courses to users according to their needs and oversees their progress.

All users, including the coordinator use their dedicated address to access Academy: your-organization.academy.xtrf.eu. They will not be able to login on the main Academy page.

A regular administrative fee is charged to set up such an access.


  • User data import is possible for larger groups.
  • There are prerequisites for some courses, which means a more basic course has to be completed first.

XTRF Academy

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