Working with memoQ project templates

When creating a memoQ project linked with a Smart Project, Project Manager can use a project template from the memoQ software.

The advantages of using project templates are as follows:

  • You are able to use all properties of a memoQ project while integrating with XTRF Platform, even those that are unavailable through the Home Portal interface. Whenever new features are added to memoQ in its future releases, they will automatically become available in XTRF Platform within the project templates.
  • You can easily and consistently apply a repeatable set of memoQ projects among projects set up in XTRF Platform.
  • Even a less experienced Project Manager can create complex CAT projects applying project templates defined by an experienced Project Manager. Thus, you can increase the efficiency of all your employees regardless of how familiar they are with the software.

There are certain project template settings, however, that are overwritten by the settings of Smart Project or Smart Quote. Those settings are:

  • Languages
  • Process steps
  • Client's settings
  • Domain (called Specialization in XTRF Platform)
  • Vendor's settings

For more information, see memoQ documentation on project templates.

CAT memoQ Smart Projects Templates

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