How can I get analyses from memoQ through the integration?

The analysis files for memoQ-integrated Smart Projects or Smart Quotes can be retrieved in two ways:

  1. manually by the Project Manager, or
  2. automatically, using Automatic CAT Analyses (learn more)

The following conditions need to be met to get the analysis from memoQ through the integration:

  1. A memoQ-integrated Process has been selected
  2. A linked project in CAT tool has been created
  3. At least one remote Bilingual Document is available in the project

In Smart Projects, you can get CAT analyses for files categorized as Source Document or Bilingual Document. From the technical side, getting CAT analyses for files means in fact getting the analyses for the corresponding remote Bilingual Documents created in CAT tool. You cannot analyse files that have not been converted to remote Bilingual Documents in CAT tool.

To manually get memoQ analyses for files:

  1. Go to the Files card of a Smart Project or Smart Quote in question.
  2. (Optional) Use Filter Files button to find desired files quicker.
  3. Select files you want to analyse using checkboxes to the left of the file names.
  4. Click File Actions > Get CAT Analysis.
  5. New CAT analysis files in .csv format get added to the files list, one for each related language combination in a project.

Get CAT Analysis option is not available if:

  • there is no linked project in CAT tool;
  • no remote Bilingual Documents have been created in CAT tool;
  • no files have been selected;
  • files other than Bilingual Document or Source Document have been selected.

The files are analyzed on remote Translation Memories (TMs) available in the CAT tool project. This means that the TMs have to be provided either directly in the CAT tool or by means of a memoQ Project Template (otherwise, no TM is used for the analysis). Currently, Translation Memories cannot be imported to the CAT tool through the integration.

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