How to create CAT Projects automatically

Automatic CAT Project Creating triggers adding a synced project in a CAT tool, as soon as certain conditions are met. The automation is configured in Process Templates. Such a prepared Template needs to be then used in Smart Project's Process.

Currently, Smart Projects support only the integration with memoQ software. The following conditions need to be met for the Automatic CAT Project Creating to work properly:

  • The Process used in a Smart Project is a memoQ-integrated process (i.e. includes at least one memoQ-integrated Step);
  • Automatic CAT Project Creating is enabled for the Process (see below);
  • At least one language combination has been added to the Smart Project;
  • The Smart Project has not been linked with another memoQ project yet.

When the above-mentioned conditions are met, XTRF automatically creates a Project in memoQ.


To enable this automation for a specific Process Template:

  1. Go to the  Configuration Menu > Projects and Quotes > Process Templates (Smart).
  2. Click the Process Template in question to edit it. (Note that the automation is applicable only to memoQ-integrated Processes.)
  3. Scroll down to CAT Tool Configuration panel.
  4. Make sure that the correct memoQ Instance and memoQ Project Template are selected.
  5. In memoQ Project Creating section, select Automatic option.
  6. Your changes are saved automatically.


When a new Project is added, make sure it uses the above-mentioned Process. The moment last condition is met for the automation to be triggered, communication is exchanged between XTRF and the CAT Tool. Watch for green notifications on top of your screen: a sequence of actions will result in the following changes:

  • On the 'Process' card, you will not be able to change the memoQ project template anymore;
  • On the 'Files' card, new items will be visible, such as Bilingual Documents.
CAT Automation Templates

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