How can customer be involved in the proofreading process?

This article addresses a need for a customer proofreading round during which the customer can look at the translation (whether or not proofread already by one of your resources) before the project is actually finalized.

What can be suggested as the most elegant and efficient way is to treat your customer contacts as vendors in the process.

  1. Create a new vendor profile for your customer
    • You may think of a special category for such vendors, e.g. "in-country reviewers" or "customer proofreaders".
    • Also, the Name can mention that fact in parantheses, e.g. "(proofreading)", but perhaps the Legal Name should remain intact.
    • Make sure a particular review type is specified as their competency (see Competencies and Rates tab).
    • Optionally, the vendor may be assigned a preferred one for the related customer.
  2. Add new views for Vendors and their Price Profiles (mind you that it is the price profile of a vendor that is actually selected to jobs) to find them easily
  3. If you are in project where review by customer comes as a required step, go click the Select Vendor button, pick the newly added view and choose one of your customer proofreaders
  4. When their job is started, they will be notified as any other vendor in the to follow a link to Job Manager (no need to sign into the Vendor Portal)
  5. When they are done with proofreading, they are expected to finish the job - just as translators do
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