How do I change the login page logo to my company's?

It is possible to upload company logo to XTRF that is shown on each portal’s login page, and additionally in the top-left corner of the Customer Portal.

To do that:

  1. Go to General Configuration > Branding
  2. The top card says Logo
  3. Select Custom logo
  4. Click on Select file... button and pick a PNG or JPG file from your disk
  5. The image is then proportionally resized to fit 200 × 50 pixels resolution

Users that have not previously used XTRF will immediately see the result. For other users of XTRF to notice the change, it will be required to hard-refresh (shift+F5) their system page (or delete browser's cache).

Portals backgrounds and favicons

It is also possible to modify the sign in pages of all XTRF portals.

This same configuration page lets you also upload images and customize favicons for every portal separately.

Scroll down to find the right card and upload images that you want to use:

  • 1920 × 1080 PNG or JPG file for the background
  • 96 × 96 PNG, JPG, SVG or ICO file for the favicon
Selected Availability Branding Login/Password

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