How can I automate translation process?

All translation processes have a number of actions that are repeated in almost every single project. These are, for example, vendors assignments, calculation of financials or delivery of ready files to the client. Smart Projects introduce a variety of automations within a project that save Project Managers' time on such actions.

The following Automations are currently available in Smart Projects:

  • Automatic Quote Approval – automatically turns a Smart Quote into a Smart Project after Quote acceptance by the Client.
  • Automatic Job Dates – automatically schedules Jobs in a Process based on Project's Volume and default Vendor's or Job Type's productivity; when none of these default values is defined, minimum Job duration is applied.
  • Automatic Jobs Splitting – automatically splits Jobs by language combination for Step Types listed in the feature's configuration.
  • Automatic Vendor Assignments – automatically assigns resources to Jobs or sends Job Offers.
  • Automatic People Assignments – automatically assigns PM's to Quotes or Projects.
  • Automatic CAT Project Creating – automatically creates a memoQ Project after setting up languages in a Project (requires a memoQ-integrated Process).
  • Automatic CAT Analyses – automatically retrieves CAT analyses for files included in a memoQ project (requires a memoQ-integrated project).
  • Automatic CAT Job Finishing – automatically sets Job Status to 'Ready' when the corresponding memoQ task is finished (requires a memoQ-integrated project).
  • Automatic Files Delivery – automatically sends files delivered in last Job (or Jobs) to the Client.
  • Automatic Payables – automatically calculates Payables using CAT analyses available in the Project.
  • Automatic Receivables – automatically calculates Receivables using CAT analyses available in the Project.
  • Automatic PO sending – automatically sends Purchase Orders to vendors when Payables are ready and respective Jobs are assigned or started.

The Automations can be configured in 3 ways:

  1. On the Automations panel (global configuration);
  2. In Process Templates (Process-dependent global configuration);
  3. Individually per Smart Project or Smart Quote.

Some Automations, e.g. Automatic People Assignments, are always enabled.

Automation Process Design

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