How to set up Total Sum widget?

Total Sum widget can give you a quick preview of sum of all entity values in a selected column.


In order to prepare the widget, first you may need to have prepared proper Smart View in the area of your interest. Otherwise, you might not be able to configure the widget properly. To learn more about Smart views, click here [link TODO].

To add a Filtered Records widget:

  1. Go to Dashboard module in Home Portal.
  2. Click Add Widget. The Add Widget pop-up window appears.
  3. Click the Add button in the Total Sum row. The following window appears:
  4. Enter the name for the widget in the Title field. (optional)
  5. From the Scope drop-down menu, select the area of the Home Portal that contains the view with the information you are interested in.
  6. From the Choose an existing view drop-down menu, select the Smart View with the information you are interested in. The name of the Smart View will be copied to the Title field if you leave it empty.
  7. From the Column drop-down menu, select the column with values that you want to have summed up. Note that only the columns that can be summed up are listed.
  8. Click Save Changes. Your settings are saved and you can view the widget in your Dashboard.
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