How can I set minimum duration for a job?

When you use Automatic Job Dates in Smart Projects, minimum job duration can be set in three ways:

  • on the automation panel
  • in a process template
  • in a particular project by editing the process

This may be useful when setting up a process for projects with lower number of words.

There is a general configuration setting on the Automations for Smart Projects and Quotes panel. It lets you specify the Minimum Job Duration in hours and minutes.

The Process Template allows to override the general setting in every step. Look for the Scheduling section in the right-hand side step details.

The automation of scheduling always starts with the minimum value, even when Project Volume is ‘0’. When Project Volume is entered and the calculation exceeds that minimum, the job’s time slot will be adjusted accordingly.

Remember that the dates can always be manually changed by the PM. This action cancels the automations and from now on, no change in Project Volume will have effect on the job scheduling.

Use cases

Set the minimum time to 2 hours.

  1. When project volume is 100 words, based on an average productivity it would take 30 minutes to finish such a job, but because of the set minimum this will become 2 hours.
  2. When project volume is 10,000 words, such a job would take 4 days and the time slot will be set to the 4 days, because the minimum is exceeded.
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