Spanish language for Latin America (es_419)

XTRF is integrated with various CAT tools. In order to communicate what language pair is used in a given shared project, ISO codes are used.

Spanish (Latin America) is a locale that brings all Latin American dialects under one language code. It is frequently used in localization but not every CAT tool recognizes that.

XTRF has it added as default and is ready to send it to the tools it works with.

If you do not see it on your system, one of the following 3 actions may be required:

  1. it may require checking the Active box next to that language in System Values,
  2. new defaults may need to be added (especially if your database has a long history of projects),
  3. a new entry can be added manually.

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Below is a glimpse into a typical language card, Spanish (Latin America) is used as an example.

A language card in XTRF consists of the following fields:

  • Name (and Localized Name)
  • Symbol - code used just by XTRF
  • ISO 639-1 Code (two letters) - used by Memsource, SDL, XTM
  • ISO 639-2 Code (three letters) - used by memoQ

Lists of languages supported by each CAT tool that XTRF has API-based integration with:

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