How to change my password?

If you need to change your password, use it just this last time to log in to XTRF. 

In the right-hand side corner open the menu and choose Change Password option.

Put in the old password and create a new one. It needs to be strong, which means:

  • must not contain username,
  • must contain upper and lower case letters,
  • at least one digit,
  • at least one special character,
  • at least 8 characters in total.

Alternatively, password strength can be changed by the administrator in Security settings to either medium, or weak:

  • medium:
    • must not contain username,
    • upper and lower case letters,
    • at least 8 characters in total,
  • weak:
    • any password allowed.

It will only apply to new users or those that want to reset their passwords. Note that the strength is applied to Home Portal users only.

Please remember that XTRF will never remind you the password. Instead, it can only reset it to a random sequence. 


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