How can I see vendor rates?

Go to the Vendors > Price Profiles.

You may want to edit an existing view, or add a new one, just make sure your view includes 3 things as shown in the picture below:

  1. 'Job Type' filter is set to one particular item like "translation"
  2. 'Calculation Unit' filter is also set to a specific value, e.g. "source word"
  3. 'Rate' column is shown

Vendor Rates in XTRF 01

The rates will NOT show in the main Vendor View. It has to be the Price Profiles' view.

This same view is also available when selecting a Vendor for a Job. The only difference being Job Type, source and target languages, and specialization are filled out for you by the system with data coming from the Job.

When you run a search, the 'Rate' column will show what price per unit each Vendor charges.

Pricing/Rates Vendor Management

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