Ability to have additional usernames in other systems, per job type

Jaime Zuniga 4 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Thijs Senten 4 years ago 2

I'd like to know how others are handling this scenario and what you think of our idea:

Using classic projects with memoQ integration, Iif we chose an agency as a vendor, say ABC Company, and we wanted to assign them in memoQ to separate roles, Translation and Review 2, using different usernames, we currently cannot do that since we can only specify one username per vendor for our external system. What would work great for us would be the ability to specify additional usernames, and tie them to a specific job type, or multiple job types.

So what we are looking to add would be the ability to specify additional usernames that would be tied to job types. In this way we could specify, for instance the Translation step, to username ABC.trans, and the Editing step to username ABC.edit, for a single vendor.



Bumping this to see how users are dealing with this scenario:

In a classic project, assigning an agency to 2 roles in memoQ using different usernames



We use Memsource but have these same situations. What we have done is create additional vendor profiles for these agencies in XTRF, then assign those separate profiles to the different steps. In the background, we have a macro running that checks for finished jobs by these agencies (marked by a particular custom field) and reverts the assignment to the 'main' profile for this agency. This way, we can use different profiles for the operational part of the workflow, and in the end have all completed jobs together in the main profile, allowing the agency to invoice them all at once from the same profile.

While this is OK as a workaround, a proper solution would be nice.