How are people use the Feedback Forms?

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We currently haven't been using the feedback forms. I think in part because we don't relate well to the way it's set up - we don't use the term "Internal Nonconformity" for any purpose. 

How to others use it? Is it helpful? How do you report on it? Is this where you track issues with projects? How does follow up happen on this when a feedback is created? 

I am unclear on this feature and would love others experiences and thoughts. Even direction towards documentation would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Just a quick comment from XTRF: it was added with ISO 9001 in mind, ie. if you are certified, it helps you gather and track all the quality issues.

Hi Lukasz - we're just about ready to start using this feature, but I wanted to ask you one quick question I couldn't find an answer to. Do clients see the feedback reports in the client portal? As far as I can tell, the answer is no, and they only see the reports if we download a PDF and send it to them -- but I want to double check.

Thanks in advance!



the feedback report is only available for the PM's eyes through the Home Portal.

Clients can only leave feedback via Client Portal. This action impacts the project status but that is it.

Hope that clarifies it.

We are not certified - although we're considering it. However, regardless of if it's for ISO 9001 or not, how is it designed to be used? I would love to be able to better track project feedback, and this seems to be the place. But I don't see how to report on it, nor do I see information in the knowledge base about how to use it. I would love to either understand how other users are using this feature, or understand how XTRF designed this feature to be used.


Maybe I am missing something, but like Mark said, I don't see how one would then run a report on the feedback, like a satisfaction report or percentage of incidents. There is a client feedback tab under reports but this just lists all of them. Is there a way to access the data so that you can run reports afterwards or somehow use the data to learn things about your business? I think those are some topics that would be great to cover in the knowledge base. For now it looks like if we make a custom view with data we need in the Feedback section under the report tab, we could then use the API or other integration to pull the data outside and do the reporting we'd need. 

On the Business Reports tab, data-driven reports can be created: a volume report on client complaints/approvals or one that shows responses to client satisfaction surveys.

And BTW, a guide to reporting in XTRF is planned for this quarter.

Of course, using our API for creating reports in a dedicated BI tool like Google Data Studio or Sheets gives you many more possibilities.

Thanks Lukasz. I took a look at the academy guide. Thanks for the heads up there. 

However, I didn't find it particularly useful. The video is at a very high overview, and doesn't help make the business case. I do see how filling out a 'client complaint' documents complaints at a project level. That's useful. However, how we use this for a broader data based decision making is unclear to me. I would like to be able to run reports per month, per PM, and generate client complaints per project/spend/volume, maybe even generate time to resolution reports. I'm not sure how to get there yet.

But one more question... specifically, what does "Internal Nonconformity" mean and what's that used for? And what is Client Approval for? Is that when positive things are stated? Or is it an approval of something?


Internal Nonconformity is a complaint which reports any discrepancy in internal processes in your company.

Client Approval is for stating the positive outcome - the opposite of complaint in this case.

That is helpful. Thanks!


Hi Mark, we were ISO 9001 certified before implementing xtrf and using xtrf's evaluation form does not fit the data we have been collecting an evaluating within the QMS although it would really help to have it within the system and not having to check details in a different one.  Currently we are testing collecting feedback with a workaround in the job evaluation form in a rather unstructured way. I will follow up with details later. 


We do use the non-conformity in our company, we use it when there has been an issue with a resource, al the details are then stored in the feedback and accessible for everyone. Its not perfect but its a good way already of storing info about resources performances. We also use the client complaint, when we receive one. The query part for this in reports still has to be improved though as I cant do a clean query now for lets say all client complaints received in 2017.


Berber, I believe you can. See the below feedback view:

This looks great Lukasz. How can I make a query with the resources and or client involved?

This is a view like any other in XTRF. Provided you have Customize rights in this area of the system, you can modify both filters and columns. And if you do not know what I am talking about, here is a guide to configuring what we call Smart Views.


Got it! thanks Lukasz, I can now filter with all I need, resource, type of of feedback and dates plus info, excellent!

Hi Lucasz,

I came here to see how people are experiencing the Internal Nonconformity option. We've used Client Approval and Client Complaint for a while. Recently, we've started using Internal Nonconformity as well, as we got ISO9001 certified and this looked like a good way of tracking internal issues. That is: issues that were caught on time and didn't become Client Complaint, but yet need to be handled. However, we've just realized that Internal Nonconformities change the status of the project to "complaint", and that means that clients see the status "complaint" in the Client Portal. Obviously this is not a complaint, otherwise we would have chosen " Client Complaint"  instead of "Internal nonconformity" . We want to avoid customers seeing we have issues, when it won't affect them. How can we avoid this?? This is a huge issue for using the option "Internal nonconformity" .

In summary: an Internal nonconformity shouldn't be changing the project status to "complaint", just like "Client Approval"  doesn't change the project status either.

Please advise what to do, we might be missing something.