Integration with QuickBooks Online - do you map fields for PayPal address or other payment info?

Meghan Cooper 4 years ago in Something Else updated 2 years ago 10

We have the integration with XTRF and QBO, and are wondering how others with the integration get information like PayPal address, bank account information for ACHs, or other payment information to their accounting team. We made a custom field when vendors sign up with PayPal as their payment method (in Invoicing tab) called "owner email," and thought that would be nice to map to the "Account No." section of their QBO vendor data. When we do bill payments on QBO, the info in Account No. is used for the "memo" section, and then we can make an easy-to-manipulate report for that day's payments to use for the required file format to upload to PayPal for batch payments.

XTRF and other users, do you have any recommended best practices for this, as well as other payment methods? Is there the possibility of a payment-related field from the vendor profile mapping to QBO in future versions?


Hi Meghan, we don't have the QBO integration, but we do rely heavily on a Paypal address field from the vendor payment method sections.  Currently I "pay" all the bills in three places... Quickbooks (after an import using Transaction Pro Importer), XTRF, and our bank/Paypal/Western Union.


But we created a virtual column to show the paypal owner address since it doesn't show up automatically. We posted it here.


Thanks guys! That's a great idea

NP. How's the QBO connection working for you?


We actually have 2 sister companies, and it is working great for the one! For the other, we had some hiccups setting up and getting the vendor and client invoices to sync correctly, and drop into the right product "buckets" as it did on an older version of XTRF and QuickBooks Enterprise, but that's mostly resolved now. Upgrading both platforms at the same time was maybe not the best idea in hindsight :) The remaining issue is having to manually run the macro in order to get the vendor invoices to sync (the related periodic job is not working as it should); we think this is a problem of too much customization in the past. Some of my other teammates have a ticket open about that we are looking into. For the company it works great for, the only wish I have is that there were a way to sync the payment info (for PayPal especially) into QBO instead of manually update it in QB (hence this ticket). Our method for identifying payment method in QBO is to use the Name filed like "Last Name, First Name (Payment method)" in XTRF so that it syncs like that and is evident when reading the vendor name in QB (as QB doesn't seem to have a field to designate payment type, a shortcoming on their end IMO).

Great. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Meghan, I reached out via LinkedIn asking for help. We are in the middle of trying to integrate with QBO, and it has been a frustrating journey; I can't figure out how to get the invoice description to map into the correct QBO account without creating a random XTRF account into the chart of account on QBO.

Hi Andres, I assume you're talking about getting your vendor bills into QBO (though they're called vendor invoices in XTRF)?  We don't currently use the official QBO integration here at MLC, but rather we export all of our vendor bills once a week, then we click a button in XTRF to change their status to "Bill Received."  Then we process that export in a Google sheet that changes some of the fields around so they import correctly into QBO using Transaction Pro importer.  We tried the QBO integration before we went live with XTRF and were kind of horrified when we saw what it did to our chart of accounts. We thought a more manual import/export would work better and give us more control over the data. :/  

Hi Ted, so we are trying to integrate both AP and AR and have been able to get at least the connection started is just the account mapping that I have not been able to figure out. If I may any progress, I can show you in case it helps you guys improve your process and will also be curious to look at yours. 

Hi Andres, I'm afraid I no longer have permissions in QB (and even when I did, was not too familiar with a lot of what you're referring to here) as someone else on our accounting team handles these things now. We still have sync issues from time to time and the mapping has not been perfect. I recall hearing something about QB needing to have only specific "buckets" of items/workflows that line items can fall into, or it gets complicated and creates new things in QB. I think we ended up reducing the amount of receivable items in XTRF to avoid a problem like what you are talking about.