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Third-party integration - Zoho CRM

Popie Matsouka 5 years ago in Something Else updated by anonymous 10 months ago 10


concerning third-party integration, I see that XTRF is currently compatible with QuickBooks, etc.

Would an integration with ZOHO CRM be possible? What would be needed, for that to be implemented?



Under review

What kind of scenarios would you see covered by such an integration?

What if XTRF was on Zapier.com and you could create zaps - see: https://zapier.com/zapbook/zoho-crm/?

We created some zapier connections and it's working pretty well. I use the zapier to connect my website to a web quote form and I'm considering now adding a connector to our CRM (Nutshell).

I have not created any XTRF triggers for Zapier yet, only actions. 

We have currently created actions to:

  • Create customers
  • Create individuals
  • Search for customers
  • Update customers
  • Update Industry 
  • Create quote
  • Update source language
  • Update target language
  • Update internal notes
  • Update expected delivery date

In my experience, any field that I would want to update/serach/create requires its own action. That takes time to set up and lots of error checking. And many fields I'd like to update aren't available via the API to update. There is much to do. But if there were XTRF zaps available that I didn't have to create by hand, that would be a huge help. 

One other comment on this, I find using Zapier with XTRF is a bit challenging, because the order of operations is very important, you get lots of errors if data doesn't line up well, and in some cases we have to manipulate data before it gets inputted. So if there is a way for XTRF to create a process and standard actions, that would be very helpful. 

A few examples... 

  • Updating a customer in XTRF - the unique identifier is the customer name rather than an ID number, so if there is any difference in name spelling, it creates a duplicate record. 
  • Creating a customer in XTRF - I find that if I try to create a customer that already exists, I error out. I can't figure out a way around that. Of course our way around it is to try to get clients to use the portal.
  • Updating a date field - to update a date field I need to convert to a format that works in XTRF then multiply it for the correct factor, then I can add a date field.
  • Creating a quote - to create a quote you need to first create a customer, then create a contact then you can create a quote that's tied to the person. Otherwise it errors out.

This was all learned by trial and error. 

We would also be interested in a ZAPIER connection for our CRM and XTRF (which is available on zapier). Is this on your roadmap?

XTRF on Zapier sounds like an interesting option. Tell us more about your plans! :-)

I think I will move this topic to the Ideas forum later on.

Zapier.com is not precisely on our roadmap but we have considered it as a potential solution and have done a workable proof of concept. So, there is hope :)

Please paste links from Zapier.com to systems you would integrate with your XTRF. I am particularly interested in the scenarios or zaps you would create.




Zaps we would create:

Opportunity is created or updated in either system = action to be replicated in the other system

Opportunity closed/won/lost = synced in other system

Trigger in CRM = contact/person status IS/changes to Customer = create contact in XTRF

Trigger in CRM = Organization changes to customer = create or update in XTRF 

That is a selection of Zaps we would create.


I have many scenarios that I'd use, but the idea of Zapier isn't that XTRF would create a connector between two systems. Rather, XTRF would create Zapier connectors to fields/records, and then individuals can create 'zaps' that connect those fields to any other product that is in Zapier. If XTRF created those connectors in Zapier, individuals could use Zapier to connect XTRF to anything in the Zapier database. It's really quite powerful and creates a very flexible system. I think of zapier as a simplified API - so that the API becomes much more accessible and easy to use. 

Having said that, I currently connect XTRF to Gravity Forms, Gmail and Google Drive. I'm considering creating zaps to connect to Nutshell CRM, Quickbooks, Google Calendar, Google Sheets

But again, I don't think XTRF should think about creating zaps between systems, but XTRF SHOULD consider creating a robust connection between XTRF and Zapier with various triggers and action. That would be great! 


Hello again!

To answer your first question Lukasz, about the scenarios:

Concerning Zoho, for us there are two major use cases. 

  1. Information from Zoho to XTRF. A lead or opportunity is generated in Zoho. At some point, this opportunity would need a quote if it’s successfully developed. The information such as the client name and all the history could then be “pushed” from Zoho into XTRF.
  2. Information from XTRF back to Zoho. An existing client requests a quote. Information about this quote such as the service type and the revenue amount is pushed from XTRF upstream into Zoho. This would be done so that we can run a consolidated revenue pipeline report in Zoho.

[  I've also read about https://ifttt.com, though I must confess I have NO idea how it works, just that it automates stuff :)]


@XTRF, I think taking a few moments to remove promotional posts in this forum would be appreciated. :)


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