Client Portal: After submitting a quote, be able to change it

Angelo 5 years ago in Client Portal updated by mark 5 years ago 7

This is a suggestion for improvement.  Clients, and their bosses, need to be able to modify a quote after submitting it.  

Dear Angelo,

The Request a Quote feature is a simple Request Quote Form built-in Customer Portal. There is no possibility of editing it from CP side.
If your Client wishes to add something to a Quote, he \ she can contact directly the Salesperson




I'd love to be able to change it on the PM side. You can't modify the service even once a quote has been submitted.


I agree. For example, I sent a quote to a client and they would not accept the quote until the "expected delivery date" was changed to the exact day and time they wanted. The problem is that it cannot be changed until the client accepts the quote. So, I had to edit the PDF and the email which was an inconvenience. 

Service modification by PM was mentioned in another topic that you upvoted already :)

Are you saying, modifying by client in their portal would be too much? What changes should be allowed for them after they submitted a request for quote?


I just upvoted it.  Mark, Dionna, please upvote it to make it happen. 


Angelo, I am an up-voting monster. If you posted that you'd want to make XTRF play pac-man while PMs wait for files to be delivered, I'd up-vote it for you...