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I was wondering if anyone has more experience with Vendor portal and how users register for it. Under Vendor portal setting I see 4 statuses that can be assigned to a vendor when he /she registers on our Vendor Portal. I presume Active means, that the Vendor can start working on projects immediately. But I am not sure about other three.

Active: Vendor account is active after registration, Not confirmed: Vendor account is not confirmed, Potential: Vendor account is set as potential, Waiting for approval: Vendor need to wait for approval by a Vendor Manager.

We want to set a stauts that would not automatically register/enter them into our database. Does any of statuses above do this? We do not want to bloat our vendor database with hundreds of vendors.

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Dear Peter,

In relation to your question:

We want to find a status that would not automatically register/enter them into our database. Does any of statuses above do this?

I am afraid none of those statuses refer to what you wish to achieve. The Provider gets the status assigned only after he\she completed the full VP registration process.
The only workaround I can think of is to disable the possibility of registering through the VP (we can arrange it for you), processing it externally via email and adding new Providers to the database manually in Home Portal.
If you think this kind of functionality is crucial for the business, please share it with the other XTRF Users in User Echo Ideas article.




I think this is crucial, we would really like to use the Vendor Portal where the vendors can register themselves, but we also would like to chase the vendor if they did enter an e-mail address but didn't finish full registration. In the current situation this is impossible and that is too bad. We will have to stick to our e-mail system until such is implemented.



I would recommend setting up the "Not confirmed" as the default status after registration. After that you are that one that will be changing this status to "Potential", "Active" or "Rejected" based on your requirements and recruitment process. I personally use the status "Potential" for the ones that are actually in recruitment process, for example have been sent a translation test. 

The easiest way to separate the vendors out is to create views in providers module. For example, create a view called "Active vendors" and set the filter "Status is" for "Active". Create another one called "New vendors" and set the same filter for "Not confirmed". In this view you can also add a column "First contact date" which will show you when they have registered. 

This way you keep all the data in XTRF so you can reach out to it when you want but you do not "mess up" your regular active vendors list. 

Hope that helps. 

Thanks for sharing your experience with this! Do you use the status "Waiting for Approval" and if so, what does that mean to you?

I'm also a little unclear about the intended differences of the other three statuses besides Active (Potential, Not Confirmed, and Waiting for Approval; particularly the last 2). Are these terms defined or have recommended uses by XTRF somewhere? Does Not Confirmed mean the vendor is in but hasn't confirmed their email address yet? If so, I don't believe we can see them anyway from the home portal side.

All the status names are more of the system legacy. They give you a choice of naming but there is no particular automation behind them except for what you can configure on Vendor Portal settings page.

"Not Confirmed" does NOT mean that their email awaits confirmation.

Does "give you a choice of naming" mean that we can adjust the naming convention of the status levels, i.e. reduce the amount of status levels and name them according to our preference? That would be great because some of the current status names seem redundant, at least for our operations.

Unfortunately no. We see the redundancy too, but they were added in a different era and removing or even renaming them now would be a pain. Same goes to job or project statuses...

Thanks for this info Lukasz! Can you share how the statuses of Potential, Not Confirmed, and Waiting for Approval were suggested to be applied (even if it is old info)? The vendor manager who was with us at that time is no longer here so I am trying to understand how/shy new vendors were categorized.


Here is my understanding of the statuses:

  • Potential - someone not reviewed, just added to the database (maybe old data)
  • Not Confirmed - registered but assessment process not started
  • Waiting for Approval - registered and assessment in progress, to be approved by Vendor Manager soon

Is this the explanation for the file categories too? These can't be edited. Right? That's a big issue for us.

Is the status list customizable? I'd like to add some statuses that aren't currently on the list.