client-linked reference files on vendor portal

Jelle Maes 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Sancho Leath 3 years ago 9

Not sure if I should put this under Q&A or under suggestions, but I was wondering if there is a possibility to add client-linked (not project-linked) reference files to the client profile, so that they are accessible and downloadable by the vendor from the vendor portal for each job of that client. We have a workaround with LiveDocs in memoQ, but this option is only valid for our memoQ users and not for the other thousands of translators.


I think it was already proposed as an idea for development. Please upvote there.

Hi Lukasz, it's not really the same. I'm talking about physical documents that are to be sent along with each project. Not instructions from fields on home portal.

OK, agreed, but I have a feeling we are just talking about the form: text vs. file?

If those instructions could actually accept attachments, that would do the trick for you, correct?

indeed, that would be OK with us provided. Beware, i'm talking about client-linked files that should be put available for every project of that client.

Can you describe what sort of files there would be? file type - docx/pdf? size - KB/MB? and how many?

In your mind, would these file be also visible or manageable through the Client Portal?

They are strictly for reference. None of them would be expected to be returned by the vendor, right?


This should be doable actually at the moment - you can upload files under resources tab in client profile and mark their type as reference they should be added automatically to each project created for that client.

Thanks, but that is correct only for the classic projects :) We are discussing a smart project situation here.

Hi Lukasz,
It would mostly be doc(x)/pdf/xls(x) and not very large. The size is diffiult to estimate.

They would ineed be dtrictly for reference, so no return from vendor needed. 
Making them visible/managable via the CP would be a nice addition.


We had the same need previously for corporate style guides that are specific to each customer; fairly small PDF/DOC files. But since our PMs got tired of adding them manually to each project instead of just being able to add it as a customer-specific reference file category in the process design, we developed another workaround. But I wouldn't mind taking the initial approach if the feature becomes available.