[XTRF API] Where to get these IDs when creating a Classic Project

burg 1 month ago in API updated by Viktor Mizsei 1 month ago 1

I need some help on which API endpoints in the list below, any help is highly appreciated. 

  • Where to get Project Manager IDs and Project Coordinator IDs
  • Where to get Primary IDs, Send Back IDs and Additional IDs from Customer/Client Contacts
  • How to create a Task in Home Portal API
  • How to link the created Task to the Project
  • How to create Item Receivables
  • How to link created Item Receivables to the Project


  1. First you should create views in the XTRF, and then you can call it from API with filter params. See below:
    https://yourcompany.s.xtrf.eu/home-api/browser/?viewId=2&q.active=yes&q.idNumber=ilike([customerIdNumber])&q.customerPersonProperty=ilike([name of the projectmanager]) 
  2. In the views you can add these fields.
  3. With this:   POST: /projects. It creates a new project with a new task
  4. If every new task is a new project as well, you don't have to do anything more. The task will be connected to the project. If you want to create a new task in an existing project, you should call this:
    POST: /projects/[projectID]/tasks 
  5. There isn't an easy way. I've created a macro which creates the receivables from the params. You can call this macro from API and send the params
  6. The macro I've created do this linking.

If you need help, contact me (viktor@mizsei.hu), or XTRF support.