XTRF tag for adding client PO number in OpenPDF templates

grigori 2 months ago in Something Else updated by Marta Wilk (XTRF Technical Project Manager) 2 months ago 3


I'm trying to find a way to add the client PO number to our invoices based on the OpenPDF templates.

The OpenPDF client invoice template is almost identical to the BIRT4 template, except for the PO number.

I checked the XTRF tags tree and am unable to find the tag I need.

How to I add this variable?


Hi Grigori, thank you for posting!

Adding the client PO number field is not a default option in OpenPDF invoice templates.
This would only be possible with a Customization. Please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager for details.

It's something like this, to get the Client PO Number for single project invoices:


In the invoice template you might want to use $customerInvoice instead of $this, and to check if the value is empty first

Please note that any new code has to be system-specific to work properly and retrieve particular data; it must comply with your remaining XTRF code and individual settings.