Provider price when selecting provider

Robrecht Belien 8 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Małgorzata Pasicka 8 months ago 1


We currently only see the word rate when looking for a vendor in smart project.

For almost every project the CAT analysys is already available. So it should be possible to show the total purchase price and margin.
I've seen this in other TMS. Is this possible in Xtrf or is in on the roadmap?

Hi Robrecht,

currently the system offers various options for defining customer selection rules and filters for manual vendor selection. The solution you've proposed (which would involve real time receivable and payable recalculation on the vendor selection stage) seems to be on the roadmap, but I cannot tell when the implementation is to be expected. Currently the solution could probably be implemented for an individual client as a custom solution. Should I have any update on the issue - I'll be in touch.