Automatic PO/receivables update

Nguyet Vo 1 month ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 1 month ago 5

Hi Team,

We normally create a project with more than 30 languages in scope, do you know how we could add Receivables and Payables automatically instead of adding them one by one? 

I have checked and found that there are the same topics that were posted 2-3 years ago but it seems that function is not available still, unfortunately. Do you know when it will be ready? It would be great to have it in hand as soon as possible. 

Thank you so much in advance.



Dear Nguyet,

There is an automation to create the receivables automatically, you can navigate to Settings --> Projects and Quotes --> Automations. Then there is a section 'Automatic Receivables' which you can configure. It says this: One Receivable will be automatically added for each Language Combination in a project. Specify default state and configuration of the automation for each Service used in new Projects or Quotes.

We don't use this though, we add the receivables through the API, which gives even more flexibility.

Thank you so much for your response, Dennis. 

I have tried checking the given process. However, it is available only for CAT analysis while we normally use Project volume instead. Could you please advise how to activate the Use Project Volume function? Please find the screenshot below for your reference.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


Unfortunately you will have to wait untill XTRF implements this feature.


Dennis, I'm interested in learning about your use case for entering receivables through the API. We do a lot of starting quotes and projects through the api, but 95% of the time, we don't have enough information to create receivables at that point. Creating receivables is just a labor intensive process, but I am not sure at what point the API can relieve this effort for us. How do you use this? I'm interesting in learning more. 


Dear Mark,

We have tried several things, and had the same issue as you. You can only create the receivable when you have more information, volume/CAT analysis.
What we have done to overcome that we have built a dashboard layer on top of XTRF, that means that we have full control over how to view the quotes/projects and this makes it way easier to add functionalities to the system. Second we have created a semi-automatic workflow, highly standardised. When a new order gets in, we decide how to process their files and run them through our auto-wordcount tool, when counting is finished, the receivable API gets triggered and the receivables will automatically be added.
Sometimes we want to change between CAT and regular receivables, that's also very easy with this setup, as we have all the information in place (on our own dashboard). With a buttonclick, all the receivables will be deleted and new ones will be created, for all the jobs(/tasks) within a specific project.