Classic to Smart Quotes/Projects

Heidi 2 months ago updated by Alexandros 1 month ago 2

Quick question... I vaguely recall reading/seeing somewhere that XTRF will removed classic quotes/projects altogether and basically force us to use smart quotes/projects. Can anyone confirm/deny that?


Dear Heidi,

I confirm that they have said this to me personal as well 4 years ago. But in the meantime I have seen many signs that they will not obsolete the classic quotes/projects yet, as too many users are using them extensively.

Kind regards,
Dennis Rosenbaum



What I remember they said to me is, they would stop development for classic projects (and they have) and focus only on smart projects. But it is impossible to remove them altogether since they offer functionality that is not available in smart projects (and from I understand, can never be since they are based on a different design).