Recalculate Payables in Classic Projects

Monika 3 months ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Thijs Senten 3 months ago 1

I would like to ask if there could be a way to recalculate Payables, the same way that Receivables can be recalculated in classic projects? 

Right now the only way to update Payables to reflect changes in the provider's price profile is to remove and add again Payables. But if there is such functionality for recalculating Receivables (on the project level), why can't there be a possibility to recalculate Payables on a Job level?

Good question. I'm interested to hear more about this.

Related to this (but using a different approach), I wonder if there is an alternative to the 'changeProviderAndDoNotRecalculate' method in the Activity class in the java docs, that actually DOES recalculate the payable based on the new price profile chosen.