Is it possible to auto delete projects?

mark 1 month ago updated 2 weeks ago 2

Is it possible to auto delete projects? Currently our XTRF auto archives projects 90 days after project close. However, we have a client that requires us to delete the projects 30 days after close. We'd like to set up a periodic job that on a daily basis finds projects from that client that are older than 30 days and deletes them.

Is this possible? Thanks!

Maybe with a macro+periodic job?

@laura Thanks. That's sort of what we're doing. I'm having XTRF create a macro for me to auto archive (which is what I'd have rather than delete) after 30 days, then I'll run a periodic job that archives based on a smart project view allowing me to choose the client(s). Then on my server, I'll set up a chron job with rules to auto-delete the files for specific clients. 

Sometimes things are just more complex than you think they should be. But that's life. :)