How do you use XTRF to measure project manager productivity/project loads?

mark 3 weeks ago 0

I'm curious about other's experiences here. We've tried various ways at getting at project manager productivity but I don't feel we've nailed it yet. So many of the metrics that we've looked at are overly subjective or dependent on factors external to the PM, so there is no perfect answer. However, I want to share what we're doing in hopes of getting other ideas.

Ways to measure PM productivity

  • Quantity and revenue of projects as project manager or as project coordinator
  • Quantity and revenue of quotes as project manager 
  • Tasks and job data to illustrate relative complexity of project - Number of languages, job types, vendors.
  • Compare this data to self-reported busyness level (of course not in XTRF).

Measurable KPIs

  • Client feedback forms
  • On-time delivery and entering delivery times
  • Specialization and language variant usage
  • Quote conversion
  • Margins
  • Vendor usage (new vendors, variety of vendors, “right” vendors)
  • Client satisfaction surveys