PM saves >100 clicks/day with a "lock receivables" and "lock payables" function

Juergen Kiesel 3 weeks ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated 2 weeks ago 1

Setting XTRF via API with memoQ server. Smart Projects.
PM is working heavily in memoQ preparing. It happens so often, that you do a statistics in between.
But look what happens:
The receivables are reset to standard match values ;7) and so the agreed receivable is gone.

If you made your receivables with tweaking the match values, then you have to set it over and over again. Not impressive...
Tell me what you think

Now I can give a solution to the same question:
The "lock" ist to deactivate 

Auto-calculate Total Agreed
Auto-calculate Total Cost
silly, isn't it? ;7)