Client portal error

Alia 4 weeks ago in Client Portal updated by Thijs Senten 4 weeks ago 2

Hi all, 

when trying to send my client a "Welcome email" on client portal the below error appears:

Cannot send e-mail: E-mail/Text Message to Client: When client is welcomed to the system (English). Click for details xtrf

Could not evaluate expression: CUSTOMER_WELCOME_EMAIL

What can i do? 

Hi, this usually means there is an error in your email template. If you made any changes, try to find the error. Otherwise, you can just click on the Restore Email button to restore it to the default version so it will work (but you will lost any changes you have made to the template).

You can use the preview feature when editing the notification template. If there is an error in the template it will also show in the preview and often give you a little hint about where in the template the mistake was made.